How to record audio or music on your PC?

record audio or music on your PC

Did you like music or audio streams and want to record it? Or do you often make a voice recording? Well, for all these needs, we offer an online Audio Recorder Online program that you do not need to install or download. It has a simple interface so you can use it without any difficulty. The instructions for use are as follows:

  • Go to the website of the programClick on the “Start Recording” button
  • Once the application trigger has been started, you could start recording.
  • Select the audio source you want to use: either the microphone, the sound system, or both simultaneously.
  • Click on the “Start” button to start recording. You click on the “stop” button to complete the recording. You could choose the output formats including: MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG.
  • After recording, you could listen to the recorded audio file via the built-in player in the program to check the quality of the recording.
  • Recorded audio files are directly in your local drive, click the “View File” icon to locate the saved file. Then you could rename the file as you wish. Among other things, the program has a library allowing you to easily find the recorded files. You can also delete files that you do not want to keep.

In conclusion :

This program allows you to record fun conversation on Skype, song or audio streams without installing the program on your PC. But he does not have the audio editor function. If you want to edit the audio recording, we advise you to use another online program Apowersoft Online Audio Editor which offers the features to edit the file audio according to your tastes.

Amazing proof of the rotundity of the Earth

Amazing proof of the rotundity of the Earth

A sunrise or sunset seen from home is enough to confirm that the Earth is round. Indeed, when the bottom of the clouds is lit (when there are clouds of course), it proves that the light comes from “below” clouds. And so … that the Earth is round!

Rotundity of the Earth in sketches

In the evening, just watch a sunset with some clouds (not a sky completely covered, just a few clouds!). We sometimes see that the sky is quite gray then lights up a little more for a few minutes: the bottom of the clouds is lit.

Similarly at dawn, it happens that a cloudy sky lights up pink and orange for a few minutes then becomes grayer. The clouds are lit from below before the sun “rises” into the sky.

Illustration of the sunset: rotundity of the Earth

If the Earth was not round – that is, flat! – the sun could never light the clouds from below. At sunset, the rays of light would be horizontal; not producing the beautiful effect of clouds lit from below.

Sunsets or sunrises

A rather ordinary sunset can illustrate the rotundity of the Earth. Here, for example, a summer evening in Bas-Rhin:

Sunset: view to the west

Sunset: view to the east

A few minutes later, the bottom of the clouds lights up:

Clouds lit from below: Earth is round

If the sky is perfectly pure, no cloud can prove the rotundity of the Earth:

Sunrise “missed”: here on a Vosges summit, no proof that our Earth is round

With cirrhus (high altitude clouds), the effect will be the same, a little earlier before sunrise or a little later after sunset:

Aurore on the Alps: clouds lit by the bottom

Poets have largely been inspired by these radiant beauties of nature:

“The horizon with copper vapors where man lives” (Charles Marie Leconte de Lisle)

“These few signs that laze in the summer skies or those evening promises that make our reason for living” (Albert Camus)

“Will you be told in the evening back, intense, gigantic, feverish?” (Alexander Taesch)

Conclusion on the rotundity of the Earth

From its window or terrace, thanks to sunrises and sunsets, we can see that the Earth is round

Read contour lines on IGN map

Read contour lines on IGN map

Here are many examples of IGN contour lines. Easy contour reading is ideal for determining elevations during a hike.

Definition of a contour

On a map, a contour is the path that should be followed to go up and down. A contour line joins all the points whose altitude is identical. A contour is thus “flanking” mountain or hill.

IGN map and contour lines

Contours are drawn in brown, gray or blue depending on the terrain:

countryside, forest, city: brunpierres: grisgaciers, eternal snow: blue

Below, different examples on the IGN map help to understand the contours.

Excerpt 1

A first example of an IGN map extract at 1: 25000 shows a terrain of Alsatian hills.

Level curves on IGN map (scale 1: 25000)

The easiest way is to find the altitude written on the contour (drawn in brown). Here we see written “200”, “225” and “250”. It is the altitude in meters. We already know that everywhere on these curves, we are at 200m, 225m or 250m altitude. It is deduced that the intermediate contour lines (finer brown) are spaced 5m apart. Between 225m and 250m, we have contour lines 230m, 235m, 240m and 245m.

We are helped by the altitude “224” which appears at the crossroads, towards the middle of the IGN map extract. This crossing is in fact very close to the 225m contour line.

If we move to the right (towards the east), we gain altitude: we go up.

Point A is placed on the contour line 230m. Its altitude is 230m.

Excerpt 2

This map extract IGN presents a gently sloping terrain in the Vosges, around 1200m above sea level.

IGN map extract 1: 25000

The elevations of the contours are not given explicitly, but we can read the altitudes 1200, 1226 and 1258. This makes it possible to determine the main contour lines 1200m and 1250m. The altitude 1258m corresponds to a summit which is quite flat. Intermediate contour lines are spaced 10m (on the previous extract, it was 5m!). The points of altitude 1226m are indeed between the two contour lines 1220m and 1230m.

This time, point A is not on a contour but between two. These are 1230m and 1240m curves. Its altitude is about 1235m. If it were closer to the 1240m curve, its altitude would be 1237 or 1238m, if it was closer to 1230m, its altitude would be 1232 or 1233m. In fact, it is assumed that the slope is regular between two contour lines.

The best free gps for android

The best free gps for android

Nowadays smartphones have more and more applications, and more and more often these are free.But in a series of free applications the quality can vary enormously. For appications of type gps, the appications are less numerous but there is one that stands out from the others: It is mappy gps free

This application is without a doubt the best of all those free. Its positive points: – Free- Speed ​​of loading- Speed ​​of geolocation- Accurate address book- Dozens of countries available – Offline (it does not need the internet to work) To download open the android market or the google play store , and run the search with the keyword ” mappy ” Choose ” Mappy GPS Free “.

launch the installation and then open the application. This will then ask you to download the map and the language of the GPS. It is recommended to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network before you begin this operation, because the data to download are quite large in size.

How to put a tag under Counter Strike Source

put a tag under Counter Strike Source

We’ll explain how to change a tag or put another tag than the default tag in Counter Strike Source. First, your image must be in the right proportions, that is to say it has a suitable size for tagged in your Counter Strike Source game. The compatible image sizes to tag in Counter Strike are 64 * 64 , 128 * 128 or 256 * 256 pixels , so first download an image processing software and make the transformation for the image you want to use to tag under Counter Strike Source. Once your image is ready, put it in the directory c: program files Steam Steam apps common counter strike source.Start Steam and Counter Strike Source. Before starting or joining a game, in the Counter Strike Source options , in the multiplayer tab , select import graffiti.

Select the image you want to use as a tag and click open to import that image.

By default, Counter Strike Source points to the folder mentioned above for image search to import into graffiti under Counter Strike Source. To validate the changes, click Apply and then OK .

Your tag should be changed. If you change it again during the game, you will have to wait for a level change or a server restart before the changes take effect.

Disable automatic update apps android

Disable automatic update apps android

By default, and for each application, the play store is configured to update each of the applications installed on your phone.This can considerably slow down your phone especially if all applications begin to make their updates simultaneously. And despite the updates some applications have no real need to be updated.

To disable apps updates on Android, first open the play store .

Then using the menu key at the bottom left of your phone (outside the screen, as in the picture) choose settings .

Then choose the option ” Automatic update of the apps “

And finally in this last window choose ” Do not automatically update applications “.Now your applications will no longer be automatically updated, but it should be noted that the system (rom) continues to update.

How to transfer data to a new mobile device

transfer data to a new mobile device

As usual, smartphone manufacturers are trying to release a new mobile version every year. For this year, we saw the arrival of the iPhone7, Huawei mate 9, Xiaomi Mix and many more. In recent years, the frequency of smartphone change has increased and users (especially those who like to change mobile frequently) also need to think about transferring their data on the old mobile to the new one each time. Now, to make things easier for everyone, three free data transfer applications are presented in this article.

Apowersoft phone transfer

Apowersoft phone transfer is a free application for transferring data from one smartphone to another without a PC. Users of Android or IOS could use it to transfer images, contacts, videos, music and more with this software. Both mobile devices must be connected to the same network via Radar or QR code to perform the transfer. Then, we present you in detail below how to make the transfer:

  • Download the app on your two smartphones
  • Before establishing a connection, make sure that both mobiles are under the same Wi-Fi: both mobiles can be connected via the Radar or by scanning the QR code.
  • To establish the connection via a Radar: press the button at the top left on the main interface. You see the option “scanner” to detect all mobile connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the icons of connected devices will be displayed on the interface. Just tap the icon of the device you want to connect to.
  • For the connection via the QR code: click on “QR code” then scan the code of the mobile with which you wish to transfer.
  • Finally to make the transfer, go to the appropriate tab then select the content to transfer and click on “Send”. For example in “Albums”, select “all” or check the pictures you want to transfer and then press “Send” for the transfer.

The process is the same for other content. In addition, if you want to know the history of all transfers made, press the button at the top right on the main interface of the application.


SHAREit is another application that allows you to transfer data from an Android to an iPhone, including videos, applications, photos, music. To make a transfer with Shareit, please:

  • Install the app on your two devices and launch them
  • Choose the music you want to transfer and press “Send”
  • On one of the two smartphones, click on “receive”. And on the other mobile, tap the avatar to connect and transfer.


Zapya is the latest transfer tool presented in this article. Like Phone Transfer and SHAREit, transfer can be done for photos, videos, music and other files. In addition, users could find out what’s new in “Discover” and share moments with friends

Which iPhone 8 shell to choose?

iPhone 8 shell to choose

The giants of the mobile phone, which Apple have improved their products by filling them with the latest technologies, but in terms of their robustness, none of them has yet found a truly impeccable and durable solution to keep them away from scratches , cracks and any breaks of this kind. However, it is always highly unpleasant to find his smartphone cracked or scratched after an incident, even a light and replace a shell or screen may cost a small fortune, especially with models recently released as the iPhone 8. If you have this smartphone, do not lose hope if you want to protect against these various problems, because there is a simple alternative and not expensive at all, but perfectly effective that is available to you to do this. It is therefore the use of aiPhone 8 case . There is a wide range for all preferences and budgets on the market. You just need to find the one that seems best suited to each of your requirements. And do not forget that this accessory can serve you to evoke your personality and of course to customize your iPhone 8 besides the fact that it ensures the security of it. If you do not have the slightest idea of ​​the article you need, you can refer to the following.

Bumper: a type of iPhone 8 shell ideal for fighters

When you get an iPhone 8 case, it is above all obviously to ensure the protection of it against possible shocks and scratches. It would be better to opt for a robust model that can ensure maximum security of your smartphone. The bumper is the best choice if you want to benefit from such protection. With this accessory, you can indeed be safer that your device does not break even after falling from a high height. In addition, it is not at all cumbersome. For example, among the most popular bumpers on the market and at the moment the RhinoShield with protection. Featuring a hybrid design, this product is characterized by its high efficiency. Even after a fall of up to 4 meters, your iPhone 8 will not show any scratches once installed in it. In addition, it has a thin thickness under its matte finish to promise you a surprisingly light weight of less than 12 grams and be less bulky than possible. It will stand nicely and nicely in your hand thanks to such.

When you buy an iPhone 8 case, you can also play the aesthetic card without leaving behind that of solidity. The idea here is to customize your smartphone to the maximum while ensuring that it is always well protected against shocks and scratches. The best alternative available to you in this case is to opt for a transparent iPhone 8 case. With such an accessory, you have the choice between highlighting the original beauty of your device and its customization with photos or other things that can be introduced between the shell itself and the back of your camera. iPhone 8. The transparent iPhone 8 case will therefore take care of valuing these pieces for you to better evoke your personality. If among the mass of models proposed on the market, If you do not know which one to select, we suggest the Otterbox Symmetry Clear Shockproof Clear Silicone. If you are looking for a higher quality specimen, you will be well served with it. Its transparent part at the back will nicely expose your objects while ensuring excellent protection thanks to its anti-scratch system. Its beveled edge effective to absorb shocks meanwhile will ensure the safety of your touch screen. On the design side, it is both elegant and slim to slip easily into your pocket. Its transparent part at the back will nicely expose your objects while ensuring excellent protection thanks to its anti-scratch system. Its beveled edge effective to absorb shocks meanwhile will ensure the safety of your touch screen. On the design side, it is both elegant and slim to slip easily into your pocket. Its transparent part at the back will nicely expose your objects while ensuring excellent protection thanks to its anti-scratch system. Its beveled edge effective to absorb shocks meanwhile will ensure the safety of your touch screen. On the design side, it is both elegant and slim to slip easily into your pocket.

Bluetooth connection problems mini bose

Bluetooth connection problems mini bose

Like every electronic device, it may crash and not work properly, and as each device has a reset mode. This reset mode will reinstall the basic program and therefore solve all the software problems at the same time.

Your bose mini soundlink 2 you connection problems in Bluetooth and you can no longer associate devices? This comes from either the device or the bose speaker.

Your first diagnostic idea would be to test and try another device, such as a laptop, to find out if the problem really comes from bose. Be careful, another device can work and another can not. Also check to make sure your Bluetooth is activated on your device.

Try removing the bluetooth devices associated in your smartphone or pc or mac.

Try a reset of your bose mini anyway . A reset takes only a few seconds and can most certainly solve the bluetooth connection problem.

A reset of your bose does no harm, quite the contrary, it will give a little breath to your speaker if it has been associated with a ton of devices.