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Why Do E-commerce Websites Prefer VPS Hosting

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a rise in e-commerce platforms. These platforms are focused on the overall user experience and have successfully migrated buyers from the traditional offline markets to online stores. New e-commerce platforms try to achieve certain site quality benchmarks so that they are in a position to make an impact on the user experience. Thus, it is important to understand the role of a good hosting plan for  the success of an e-commerce platform. In this article, we will explore why VPS Hosting is preferred by e-commerce platforms.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting?

As the name suggests, in VPS Hosting, your website is hosted on a virtual server with dedicated resources and an isolated hosting environment. The host divides one physical web server into several virtual servers by virtualization. You can say VPS Hosting services is a mix of Dedicated Server Hosting and Shared Hosting services. It offers certain benefits of dedicated servers in a shared environment while keeping the costs in check.

Why is VPS Hosting preferred by E-commerce websites?

Typically, e-commerce platforms mean high traffic and critical financial transactions. For e-commerce websites with low-to-medium traffic, VPS Hosting is a great option for the following reasons:

1. Customizability

A website is all about the user experience. Regardless of your market type or product/service offering, being able to take the user through a memorable journey through your website goes a long way in creating a mark in the market. In order to offer this experience, you might want to have complete control over your website. In other types of hosting, getting control over your server settings is not possible. With VPS Hosting plans, you get complete root access, allowing you to customize the hosting environment as required by you. You can install any application or software that allows you to add more functionalities to your website. Moreover, you can also make the site more secure by taking additional measures at your end to ensure maximum uptime.

2. Account Isolation

In a VPS Hosting plan, every virtual server has dedicated resources and works in isolation from the others. This means that the performance of other virtual servers does not affect your website’s performance. It works like a dedicated server without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Resource Scalability

With social media platforms and search engines driving the online traffic today, predicting your site traffic is near-impossible. One post or advertisement can get you thousands or even millions of visitors! This is where resource scalability steps in. VPS Hosting plans offer instant scalability of resources allowing you to manage these traffic spikes efficiently and offer uninterrupted services to your users.


While VPS Hosting services are good for most e-commerce platforms, we do recommend you to assess your site’s requirements before making the decision. What products/services are your offering? Are they critical? Ask yourself questions like these to determine which hosting type is best for you. Remember, it takes a lot of effort to get even one user to visit your website regularly – make that visit count.

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