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What to Choose Between Virtual Vs Physical Servers

Business work on data. To store a continuously updating data, you need a good amount of storage. Today the concept of data storage is changing for better.The earlier concept of physical servers that used to store company data are now taking a mid-stepby using a hybrid approach towards storing their data. The hybrid approachcombines the usage of both physical and virtual servers. Some have switched completely to virtual storage that they can access by availing the internet service to which they have subscribed, while few are still sticking to the conventional physical storage. If you too need a server for your ever-increasing data and seeking the best advice on selecting the server that is best for you, then consider a few factors that would automatically give you the right answer and help you select the right server that would suit your purpose the most. Here are the determining factors listed below:

  1. Budget

A virtualization of your primary business benefit includes your cost savings. Case studies conducted so far have indicated that companies can save thousands of dollars in a year on data storage simply by going virtual. As virtual storage frees you from spending on the following:

  • Hardware
  • Deployment
  • Utilities
  • Human labor and talent acquisition
  • Facilities
  1. Performance

Irrespective of the data storage option that you choose for your business, a comprehensive understanding of the business requirements is essential. Some important applications involved in your business operations might require dedicated server resources, to avoid a diminished tolerance for any risk affecting the performance. Otherwise, when it comes to the assets you rarely use, a bit of compromise in the performance and speed can be done in favor of cost savings.

  1. Information Security

The security of your data can never be of second priority whether you use a physical server or virtual one. Security in servers depends vastly on the configuration, staff knowledge, and space environment.

  1. Staff Knowledge

The data assets of many companies increase daily, this can pose space-related issues for the IT team that is working for you. If running out of space and maintaining temperature control on your servers are becoming every day issue,

5  Space and Environmental Control

then it is probably an indication for you to consider switchingfrom physical servers towards virtualization. With the increase in data assets, maintaining the right temperature and humidity can really become difficult.

Making the Final Choice

The best way to make a final choice lies in an in-depth understanding of the needs of your business, that includes the above-said factors and then opt for one. To test the waters, the best way is starting with a hybrid server.

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