Web Agency: How to choose it according to your business objectives

Web Agency: How to choose it according to your business objectives

All entrepreneurs who have a new project or are looking to develop their market, a niche market or an existing market, need a website to capture the attention of new customers. Since creating a website is not simply a question of design, but it is also about programming, content creation and marketing, it is necessary to entrust this project to a qualified professional agency …

Looking for the one to trust, but in the face of these web design agencies that are popping up everywhere, are you undecided? Do not panic, here are the points to consider to more easily target your web agency.


Before choosing a web agency, you must establish a list of your expectations.


A good entrepreneur must know how to make a decision even in short-term situations. It’s up to you to define your objectives in all areas: your company’s missions, production, turnover, performance of your employees, etc. Since we’re talking about creating websites, determine what exactly you expect from your site. You probably know the objectives “SMART”? We will still remind you briefly:

  • S: Specific: a very detailed objective and clear without ambiguity;
  • M: Measurable: quantified and qualified objective;
  • A: Acceptable: feasible goal;
  • A: Realistic: achievable and possible goal;
  • T: Temporal: objective defined in time.

For example, through my site, one of my goals is to increase my monthly soft drink sales by 5% in Quebec before December 31, 2015.


In order for your goals to be achieved, you must identify the means you have: financial, human and material.

Ask yourself the following questions before creating your website

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