Things to consider when buying gas, propane oil or 15kw electric furnace

Things to consider when buying gas, propane oil or 15kw electric furnace

Buying a new furnace can be a challenging thing, not only because it is a major home investment, but because there are so many options available such as efficiency, type, size, model and make. Hence when you go to purchase a furnace it is vital that you take ample time to know about the various types of options that are present.

Explained below are some of the things to consider when buying a new furnace:

  • Understand the system’s fuel source: Buy a heating system uses the fuel source your home has connections for. For instance, you can invest on gas, propane oil as well as 15kw electric furnace.
  • Gas heaters: They use natural gas and are most energy efficient compared to other types of furnaces.
  • Electric: These are a bit expensive compared to the other furnaces. But as most of the homes have electrical connections, they are quite popular these days.
  • Propane oil: These type of heaters are preferred by those who stay in remote areas with no gas connections and limited electrical connections.
  • Find out how much energy efficient the system is: It is important to consider when buying a new furnace is how energy efficient the system is. The efficiency is measured by the AFUE and it is better to buy a furnace with AFUE of over 90 percent.
  • Check if the system is perfect for the home: The size of the furnace that you choose does matter. This is because too small system would not be able to keep up, while too big system will heat incompetently. This is why it is important to consult with a reliable HVAC company so that they can help you in finding the right size of heating system for your family’s heating requirements.
  • Advanced features to look for: Look for a furnace that has a variable speed blower. This feature enables the system to run at different speeds and thus offering a wider range of heating to your home based on the temperature within.
  • Installation Quality: When it comes to furnace installation it is unsafe to compromise quality installation for savings. An improperly installed furnace can experience performance issues, which can be difficult on your pocket in the long run. Therefore, it is important to consult with a reliable HVAC company to get the installation done.
  • Type of Blower: When buying a furnace it is important to know about the types of blowers. They can be of three types such as variable speed, single speed and multi-speed.
  • Variable speed: This type of blow has the capacity to make incremental adjustments, and is the most competent.
  • Multi-speed: This type of blower consists of three types of speed to give you more control and is more competent than single speed.
  • Single speed: This blower is either on or off and there is no other option available.

These are some of the vital points that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to buying furnace for home.

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