SEO, an essential acquisition tool too often overlooked

SEO, an essential acquisition tool too often overlooked

To remain visible of their target in the very fluctuating universe of the web, companies must bet on the SEO , designated by the referencers like first digital acquisition lever . Paradoxically, too many leaders devote only limited resources to it. Yet its benefits, often ignored by leaders, are multiple.

Access to millions of potential customers

While 61% of marketers give priority to SEO , top management is not always aware of its interest, or even ignores what it is.

However, the visibility of the company on the internet , and therefore its reputation and sales, depends directly on its positioning on search engine results pages. It should be remembered that 97% of public interactions with a brand or a company in cyberspace begin with a request submitted to these engines, including Google.

Hence the importance of SEO, which includes tools and techniques for a website to appear at the top of these famous results.

A way to improve your visibility on a must-see channel

From now on, the internet is an essential channel in terms of marketing. Even companies that are well established in their market, have a large customer portfolio and good prospects should be concerned about their digital visibility .

Indeed, more volatile and more demanding consumers use the web massively to prepare their purchases of products or services: search for information, price comparison, request for opinions from other users … become reflexes. A company absent from the Web is likely to fall into oblivion.

ROI longer and hard to measure, but higher

If executives are reluctant to devote large amounts to SEO , it is also because its benefits are not immediate and are more difficult to measure. For all that, it is no less effective. Moreover, by putting in competition the ROI (return on investment) of the natural methods and that of the paid referencing , the first ones prevail.

Indeed, Search generates 51% of global traffic, when emails and banner ads contribute only 34%, and SEA only 10%. Between 7 and 8 out of 10 Internet users prefer to click on organic links, voluntarily leaving paid links.

With the explosion of mobile uses , and 87% of mobile users who use a search engine at least once a day, SEO has an even greater impact in the short and long term. And this, in return for relatively small investments.

A tool to promote the company’s know-how

Trust is an essential criterion for choosing a brand or company and consumers tend to associate the quality of the products / services sold by a company to its reputation on the web .

For each query, Google’s algorithm analyzes the relevance of the content displayed on sites, professional blogs, social networks, etc., and places on its first page of results those which answer it best. This good SEO of the company is a guarantee of credibility for Internet users in addition to the expertise that it puts forward in its publications.

Those who are most active on the Web and who demonstrate their expertise through regular and interesting interventions are more likely to appeal to potential customers. Notice to leaders who still relegate SEO to the rank of simple “more” of their marketing strategy

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