NOV 06 The keys to a successful Google Adwords campaign

NOV 06 The keys to a successful Google Adwords campaign

To boost the commercial referencing of its website, any company must implement an effective webmarketing strategy. A Google Adwords campaign is particularly effective at attracting qualified visitors and converting them into customers. Here are the keys to optimize the results.

Refine the segmentation of ad groups

In order for people to easily find the content that matches their search, the company must create ad groups . Associated with a very limited number of key words or phrases, or keywords that are very close to each other, these groups make it possible to broadcast more relevant proposals responding to very specific requests. The positive impact on the quality score and the CTR (clickthrough rate) of the campaign is quickly visible.

Add ad extensions

Depending on the activity of the company and its purpose for a given campaign, it can also use ad extensions that complete the information provided to the target.

For example, with callout extensions, it can incorporate some extra short arguments. A place extension is recommended for a restaurant, a convenience store, etc. Other possibilities, price extensions, call … several types of extensions can be combined.

Perform A / B tests

To evaluate the effect of a change in the title or text of an ad, prior A / B testing is recommended. Indeed, a minor variation, if it better meets the expectations of users, can have significant consequences on the benefits of an Adwords campaign , which will increase the CTR.

Build an attractive landing page

Then, a clear and friendly landing page helps to attract visitors and increase the conversion rate . Its quality is verified with tools such as Google Analytics based on the time spent on the page and the bounce rate. Google also assigns its own rating.

Evaluate results continuously

Of course, an ongoing analysis of the results is needed to measure the impact of the  Google Adwords campaign . And thus be able to ensure the quality of the segmentation compared to the KPIs defined at the beginning. If the statistics are not satisfactory, urgent action measures must be put in place, possibly with the help of an expert .

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