conquer new customers with Facebook

MAR How to conquer new customers with Facebook?

The social networks are becoming essential for companies, particularly in terms of reputation and SEO. Facebook in particular has great potential with its 2 billion users. Not only do they spend a lot of hours there every day, but by sharing their content, comments and posts, they represent so many influencers .

How to seize this opportunity to conquer new customers? Here are a few tips :

  1. Identify a precise target
  2. Bring value to engage your target
  3. Show a human image of the company

1) Identify a specific target

Only part of the huge Facebook community represents a potential customer base for a company. To maximize the effectiveness of its actions, it must therefore define a group of “ideal” customers and implement a strategy dedicated to this segment.

For this, the first step is to identify consumers who may be interested in its expertise and / or products. The next step is to put in place an environment where the target will find people who share their values ​​and interests.

2) Bringing value to engage your target

A person decides to follow a brand or page on Facebook because it meets a certain expectation. For example, she may be attracted by her values, by the emotions that her offer arouses, or be driven by a sense of belonging.

The advertiser must put himself in the place of his target and ask what it can bring him. The answers allow him to establish a common thread for all his publications and specific communication or marketing actions. The added value of these posts (content, presentation of products, promotional offers) using a vocabulary adapted to the profile of the prospects will have a major influence on their future purchasing decisions.

3) Show a human image of his company

On Facebook, a quality presence is above all human , because this network is personal, and not a channel of commercial communication. The goal is to get closer to the public by allowing them to put a face on an organization or a brand. This is particularly important for self-entrepreneurs and one-person businesses.

When users get closer to a company, they are more likely to listen to it and go to its shops, on its e-commerce site , to request additional information, a quote, a demonstration, etc. This is how they ultimately become customers.

In conclusion

On Facebook, the key to commercial success is not to promote its products, but to establish a relationship of trust with its audience by creating an emotional connection and bringing added value. The quality of this link will determine the number of new customers won after a marketing action . With a good strategy, a maximum of two hours a day is enough to obtain convincing results

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