JUL Optimize the SEO of your site thanks to progressive web apps

JUL Optimize the SEO of your site thanks to progressive web apps

The progressive web application s (PWA) have no effect on the crawl.
By cons, they are particularly effective to improve the performance and ergonomics of your site, and therefore make it more SEO friendly .

How will progressive web applications impact the SEO of your site?

Since 2016, Google continues to praise the benefits of PWA which, it must be admitted, have something to seduce. Halfway between the application and the mobile site, they can be launched as a classic application from a web browser.

The pages of a PWA are usually written in HTML and CSS and have the distinction of being displayed quickly, and being able to be available offline.

While this technology is particularly appreciated by Google , it has no impact on the crawl. This does not mean that she has no interest in SEO . Far from there. Progressive web applications can have a beneficial effect on SEO by improving site performance .

1 – Pages become less bulky and gain speed

For Google, fast loading time is a plus point in a mobile first indexing context. On the site side, this is synonymous with increased user satisfaction and therefore more traffic.

In 2017, Lancôme noticed that since the implementation of its new PWA, its rebound rate has declined by 15%. This is explained in particular by the 84% decrease in the display time of web pages.

2 – An improved user experience

In addition to the speed of display and technical optimization of web pages, users particularly appreciate the fact of being able to consult them later even without connection . All this helps to make their experience on the site even more enjoyable.

And once they leave your site, they receive push notifications to encourage them to come back, or to send them exclusive offers.

3 – Real-time navigation tracking

The visitor’s browsing behaviors are kept in memory, even those that occur offline. This allows to constantly improve the application and offer a better experience to the user.

4 – Contents are better indexed

The presence of a progressive web application on the site does not affect the functioning of Google crawls. It is therefore necessary to work properly optimizing content to hope to achieve better results in referencing the site.

Anyway, Google has thought of everything and developed a free SEO audit tool . Baptized Lighthouse, this one makes sure that the PWA behaves normally and that there are no bugs or errors of code.

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