How to record audio or music on your PC

How to record audio or music on your PC?

Did you like music or audio streams and want to record it? Or do you often make a voice recording? Well, for all these needs, we offer an online Audio Recorder Online program that you do not need to install or download. It has a simple interface so you can use it without any difficulty. The instructions for use are as follows:

  • Go to the website of the programClick on the “Start Recording” button
  • Once the application trigger has been started, you could start recording.
  • Select the audio source you want to use: either the microphone, the sound system, or both simultaneously.
  • Click on the “Start” button to start recording. You click on the “stop” button to complete the recording. You could choose the output formats including: MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG.
  • After recording, you could listen to the recorded audio file via the built-in player in the program to check the quality of the recording.
  • Recorded audio files are directly in your local drive, click the “View File” icon to locate the saved file. Then you could rename the file as you wish. Among other things, the program has a library allowing you to easily find the recorded files. You can also delete files that you do not want to keep.

In conclusion :

This program allows you to record fun conversation on Skype, song or audio streams without installing the program on your PC. But he does not have the audio editor function. If you want to edit the audio recording, we advise you to use another online program Apowersoft Online Audio Editor which offers the features to edit the file audio according to your tastes.

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