put a tag under Counter Strike Source

How to put a tag under Counter Strike Source

We’ll explain how to change a tag or put another tag than the default tag in Counter Strike Source. First, your image must be in the right proportions, that is to say it has a suitable size for tagged in your Counter Strike Source game. The compatible image sizes to tag in Counter Strike are 64 * 64 , 128 * 128 or 256 * 256 pixels , so first download an image processing software and make the transformation for the image you want to use to tag under Counter Strike Source. Once your image is ready, put it in the directory c: program files Steam Steam apps common counter strike source.Start Steam and Counter Strike Source. Before starting or joining a game, in the Counter Strike Source options , in the multiplayer tab , select import graffiti.

Select the image you want to use as a tag and click open to import that image.

By default, Counter Strike Source points to the folder mentioned above for image search to import into graffiti under Counter Strike Source. To validate the changes, click Apply and then OK .

Your tag should be changed. If you change it again during the game, you will have to wait for a level change or a server restart before the changes take effect.

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