to choose the right agency for creating your website

How to choose the right agency for creating your website

There are thousands of agencies creating websites in France. Which provider will be good for designing your company’s website? We exchange daily with entrepreneurs who do not have skills in the field of the Web. When looking for an agency for the creation or redesign of their website they do not know where to start, and failing method sometimes choose a provider according to subjective criteria they regret later.

The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas to help you choose the right web agency for creating your website .

If you have the right approach, choosing the right agency can be easier.

What resources do you have internally?

Creating a website requires a wide variety of skills, including:

  • Brand strategy, positioning, image
  • Content Strategy
  • Writing
  • User experience
  • Graphic design
  • Web development and integration
  • Accommodation

Unless you have a very high budget to complete your website, you will not be able to hire a specialist for each of these areas. Begin by answering the following question:  What roles can we play using the skills available internally?

Each skill you can eliminate from the combination will make choosing the provider easier. In addition, having an internal resource that already knows your business will speed up the process.

What are the skills you are looking for in a provider?

There are three main skills required to create websites: strategy, design and integration. If you can drive the strategy internally, then it is necessary for the service provider to perform well in the areas of design and integration. Knowing exactly what skills you need is crucial to choosing the right agency.

What is your approximate budget?

The price range for website creation is impressive. Some agencies are specialized to work in a budget of 2,000 to 5,000 euros. To do this, they build their design and development process around a fixed and repeatable process.

Other agencies need a budget of 8,000 euros to start. They can serve customers who have significant design constraints, or a technically complex website with many types of content and hundreds of pages.

It is important to know what your budget range is so you can target your search to the corresponding agencies.

Ask for references to your network

A reliable way to start establishing a list of potential providers is to consult your network. Here are some relationships to ask for references from agencies of website creation:

  • Associates and partners
  • Team, employees
  • suppliers

The question to ask is the following: With which Web agency have you already worked and advise me?

It is necessary for the person to have a direct working relationship with this agency.

Find your service provider online

In addition to the recommendations, you can do your own provider Internet search for the creation of your company’s website. Proximity is an important aspect to facilitate future exchanges, think about integrating a geographical notion into your research.

Make during your research a selection of websites that meet your expectations, go to the page “Legal notice”, you will find the coordinates of the web agency that made the website.

Ask the agencies as if they were future employees

Approach the recruitment of an agency as that of a future employee. If an agency has been strongly recommended for the creation of your website you may just need to interact with one or two agencies. Otherwise we recommend contacting 3 to 5 agencies, and meeting 2 to 3 to ask them for an offer.

Here are some questions you can ask during your appointments:

  • Which sites are you most proud of, and why? Make sure your design of a good website is the same …
  • Who is your favorite customer and why? What makes a good working relationship?
  • What can make a project fail? How do you avoid it? The best agencies have methodologies to support the success of the Web projects they carry out
  • What are you doing better than your competitors? Make sure it fits your needs.

Then we suggest you enter the details of your project.

Check their references

For that it is necessary to have asked for references to the agencies that you met. Any agency that can not provide references should in principle be excluded. Ask the service providers you met with references that are similar to your project in terms of needs and budget .

The legal notice or the footer of the website generally mention the contact details of the agency that designed the website.

Get in touch with the client, ask him if he was satisfied with his experience with this provider and especially if he is ready to work again with this web agency.

Apply what you learned during the selection process of your website creation agency

The agency you choose has probably worked with dozens, if not hundreds, of clients. The quality of a web agency’s services is linked, among other things, to its ability to organize its website creation process and to apply the lessons learned along the way.

Doing a thorough job during the selection process of your agency will help you when you start your project. You should have at this time a good understanding of what will be achieved internally, the skills that the agency will provide, and its competence to successfully create the website that will bring you satisfaction!

You are looking for an agency for the creation or redesign of your website, do not hesitate to include us in your selection of web agencies

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