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How to choose an IT development agency? The guide who tells you everything

In recent years, the computer programming sector has grown so much that creating an application or launching into a website design often requires the intervention of a development agency. Now, there are so many programming languages, software and computer tools that the fact of intervening by its own means is no longer possible to scaler your project. In this guide, Orplist tells you why working with an IT developer and how to choose the right provider.

What is a computer development company?

A development agency is a company specializing in the creation of software, websites, or mobile applications. It includes several programmers capable of performing any type of computer programs: application developer, computer programming specialist, software developer … The computer developer has several roles:

  • Analysis of the specifications : The IT developer can intervene only after having received your specifications. Before starting the creation phase, he must thoroughly analyze each point concerning your project. He studies the purpose of the project in order to establish all the techniques and tools necessary for its realization.
  • Writing programming codes : Whether to create an Android application, to create a website or simply for software development, the programmer writes some or all of the computer code. In this task, he makes sure to use the software packages corresponding to the project to be carried out.
  • Realization of the test phase : Once the program has been designed, the developer will test it in a real environment. A correction is made in case of error or bug. When it comes to creating an application for the web or a website, the programmer is responsible for putting online after validation of all tests. When everything works, the program, application or site is delivered to the client.
  • Training and technical support : For each project, the programmer also writes a technical note. The latter details the installation method and the user guide. In some cases, depending on the terms of the contract, the developer can track the product for a period of time. It is also possible that it trains each user to optimize the use of the software, the application or the website.

What are the different types of computer developer?

A development agency may be specialized in one or more fields. With this in mind, he can focus on creating a PC software, a mobile application and / or a website. Orplist shows you here the different types of providers that you can meet and consult according to your needs:


When it comes to creating computer software, especially dedicated for desktop computers and laptops, you can for example contact a symfony agency. Each developer who practices there is specialized in one or more computer programming languages ​​intended for the design of a software: C and C ++, Java, Basic, ASM, Delphi, AppleScript, Visual Basic, Flash, Pascal … The programmer thus carries out all sort of programs like spreadsheets, games, data management tools …


When it comes to creating a website, you have to use specific language and techniques. The web programmer can be qualified in one or more types of web language such as CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL or JS. In this same perspective, it is possible that he is expert in a single programming tool or in several. You can then consult an agency specialized in Prestashop or Shopify for example. And if you want to create a blog, it would be best to contact a WordPress agency.


Mobile devices – like the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows Phone devices – use different programming languages. Depending on the type of application you want to develop, it is possible to use an agency that masters Objective-C, HTML5, Java, C #, QML or Swift. You should know that the application to create can be a native application (to download and install), an HTML application (accessible on the web via any mobile web browser) or a hybrid application (a combination of HTML application and native). The software used to create a mobile application varies from platform to platform:

  • Windows phone: For this platform, it is possible that the developer uses software like Windows App Studio.
  • Android: For devices running Android, the list of software that can be used in the design of apps is long. The developer can for example use Apps-Builder, Gamesalad or Appligo.
  • iOS: For iPhone and iPad, the programmer has different software available. If iOS SDK is the most used, other programming tools like Good Barber, Biznessapps and Gamesalad are also more and more appreciated.


A joint agency specializes in several languages ​​and computer programming tools. This kind of service provider will suit you when you want to create a multiplatform program, that is to say a software that can adapt to a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.

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