Buying CCTV Camera for the First Time? Here's What you need To Look For

Buying CCTV Camera for the First Time? Here’s What you need To Look For

If you are planning to mount a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security system at your home to thwart any untoward incident, it’s essential to have some idea about the essential features. The knowledge will help you make a meaningful choice especially if you are buying one for the first time.

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective mechanism to ramp up the security of your home? Consider installing a CCTV! The surveillance system is the perfect tool to add a layer of safety to the premises. It not only comes handy in monitoring the exteriors and the interiors of the property 24/7 but is also an excellent means to deter criminal activity. While installing the tech marvel is inarguably a wise decision, selecting the perfect unit can be a tad tricky. Let’s look at the five essential features that first-timers must consider when shopping for the security device.

  1. Choosing the Type of Camera:There are various styles of cameras; dome, bullet, varifocal, PTZ to name a few. While some are good for focusing on a specific spot far away, some cameras can be panned, tilted and zoomed if you want to keep tabs on a wider area. Also, some systems are equipped with a camera that can rotate at 360-degrees to cover every spot effectively. You can choose a system based on your exact requirements.
  2. Resolution:Consider a CCTV that offers a high-resolution camera (350p up to 1080p) as it ensures sharp pictures along with fine details. This can help in identifying miscreants lurking around the premises. Good quality footage can also be used by investigating agencies to chronicle the actual break-in and nab the criminals. However, a good resolution camera should be backed by a high storage capacity DVR to ensure the images and videos are not lost.
  3. Remote Viewing: Make sure your CCTV supports remote viewing. This feature is a big plus if you travel frequently. Thanks to advancements in technology the security mechanism can be linked with personal gadgets like a tablet, smartphones, television, PC, and laptops. This integration enables you to keep an eye on the things via real-time streaming even when on the move.
  4. Sturdy & Tamper Proof:Needless to say, the CCTV camera must be enclosed in a casing that is weather-proof and sturdy. This warrants protection against sabotage and defacement by troublemakers. Not to mention, it shields the unit from the hazards of natural elements like rain, dust and extremely hot temperatures.
  5. Day/Night Vision: The camera must have day/night vision capabilities. Given that petty thefts and act of vandalism are generally attempted at night, this feature guarantees 24/7 protection of the property. The device outfitted with a switch boasts a wide range with the potential to function effectively in any kind of environment. It can secure clear footage in low light and even pitch darkness.

Remember, these are just a few basic features that you must look for in a security system. Also, you can consider factors like wiring (hardwired/wireless), thermal imaging, motion activation and audio capabilities to name a few. If unsure, seek professional advice from experts to help zero in on a mechanism that is perfect to address your specific surveillance needs.

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