Bluetooth connection problems mini bose

Bluetooth connection problems mini bose

Like every electronic device, it may crash and not work properly, and as each device has a reset mode. This reset mode will reinstall the basic program and therefore solve all the software problems at the same time.

Your bose mini soundlink 2 you connection problems in Bluetooth and you can no longer associate devices? This comes from either the device or the bose speaker.

Your first diagnostic idea would be to test and try another device, such as a laptop, to find out if the problem really comes from bose. Be careful, another device can work and another can not. Also check to make sure your Bluetooth is activated on your device.

Try removing the bluetooth devices associated in your smartphone or pc or mac.

Try a reset of your bose mini anyway . A reset takes only a few seconds and can most certainly solve the bluetooth connection problem.

A reset of your bose does no harm, quite the contrary, it will give a little breath to your speaker if it has been associated with a ton of devices.

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